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Professional Highlights

During the course of employment, John has been witness to and influencer of significant changes in Information Technology (IT).  

Gartner Incorporated - Group Vice President
  • In the second half of his employment at Gartner, John rose to the level of Group Vice President. In this role he oversaw an international group of 130 researchers and analysts generating in excess of $100M of annual revenue.

Gartner Incoprorated - Vice President, Analyst
  • In the first half of his employment at Gartner, John worked as a VP Analyst covering server hardware and operating systems. In this role he worked with CEOs or key decision makers at Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and others. 
Duke Communications
  • In addition to contributing articles and columns, John was the Lab Manager for Windows NT Magazine where he conducted and commissioned hardware and software reviews.
  • John was also a contributor, columnist, and technical editor for NEWS/400 magazine. 
Other Professional Experience
  • Forest Computer Incorporated
  • Dale Computer Corporation
  • Electronic Data Systems
  • Syntech International
  • Burroughs Corporation
  • Systems Research Incorporated


John has been an prodigious author of commercial books and magazine articles/columns  throughout his career.

Sole or lead author on the following books:
  • A Manager's Guide to Multivendor Networks (1991 and 1997)
  • Navigating the AS/400: A Hands-On Guide (1993 and 1998)
  • The AS/400 Companion  (1995)
  • An Introduction to Communications for the AS/400 (1993 and 1996)
  • LAN to WAN Interconnection (1995)
  • Windows NT Server 4.0 Advanced Technical Reference (1997)
Editor (and typically lead author) on the following books:
  • The Quintessential Guide to PC Support (1993)
  • Windows NT Server 4.0 Administrator’s Desk Reference (1997)
  • Windows NT Magazine Administrator’s Survival Guide: System Management and Security (1998)
  • Windows NT Magazine Administrator’s Survival Guide: Networking and Backoffice (1998)
Contributing author to the following books:
  • OLTP Handbook (1993)
  • Handbook of Communications Systems Management (1994)
  • Special Edition Using Windows NT Workstation 3.51 (1996)
  • Special Edition Using Windows NT Workstation 4.0
  • (1996)
Featured contributor/columnist for the following magazines:
  • Windows NT Magazine
  • NEWS/400
  • HP Professional
  • DEC Professional
  • Network Week
  • Data Communications Management
  • and more...

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My Battle with Prostate Cancer  fills an information gap I discovered when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In researching the Internet and bookstores for details of the disease, I found information that was either too technical, too vague, or too overly romanticized. By revealing my personal battle with prostate cancer, I hope to shed light on a disease that is often dismissed as "easy to address when detected early" Early treatment is critical, but “easy" is not a word I would choose to describe my journey. Hopefully you will find my story insightful, and perhaps even amusing at times.

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